Super Custom

A special birthday present for a Canadian spearo…

Euro 110 ~ Oiled Teak stock ~ Hand shaped stock and handle ~ Hand Cold Forged SS parts (Mako Trigger Mech)


Nagoshi’s Custom 120

Epoxy Coated Teak/Wenge Stock ~ Hand shaped stock and handle ~ Fully enclosed composite track ~ Mako Reverse Mech ~ Hand Cold Forged SS parts by local Maui Metal Smith Jon Oka ~ Custom abalone pin striping and inlay


Jeremy Selg’s Super Custom “Ono Pic”

63″ Ono Pic ~ Master grade koa and teak stock ~ Matte finish epoxy coat ~ 80″ of abalone pin striping ~ Stabilizing wings


Jeremy Baldwin’s Super Custom Traditional Euro

Open Track 120 Euro ~ Hand shaped teak stock ~ Matte Finished epoxy Coat ~ Neptonics reverse mech ~ Handmade SS components

Ryan Hall’s Super Custom Ono Pic (Mini Tuna)

65″ Ono Pic with Full length band raisers/stabilizer ~ Oiled teak stock ~ 11/32 enclosed composite track